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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Tom Rataj
From: Toronto
I only had the pleasure of meeting you on a few occasions and only for a short time. Our paths crossed under challenging circumstances for you and your family.

I am sad that you've left us all too early, and before your time.

Rest in peace.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Carole Gibson
From: Meaford, On
For Larry and Andrew and family.

The times we shared seem long ago now, but the memories are vivid and rich. My family and I send our sympathy to you all in this sad time.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Art and Marta Vigneux
Dear Larry John and Susan,

We were your neighbours to the south on Heathview Ave.

We so enjoyed having you as neighbours. Lenore did portraits of my three children and myself when living on Heathview. We had a great relationship as neighbours and missed you when you moved into your grandparents home.

Lenore was in real estate for a while and sold our farm in Shelbourne for us. We have not seen her for many years and are so sorry to hear of her passing.

Fondly remembered by Art and Marta Vigneux
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Laurie Allen
From: Edmonton Atla.
Larry, Susan and John,

Your loving words about your mother in the Globe and Mail captures so much of her spirit and loveliness.

We had met as fellow tourists in Venice ten years ago and the memory of that and some wonderfully friendly and eloquent letters over the years made me realize what a special kind of woman Lenore was. In her paintings too, the same wisdom and generosity. Beautiful indeed, even though it saddens me quite selfishly that we are now bereft of her friendship. That she lives on so lovingly in our memory must be the consolation.

Please accept my sympathy in your loss and some gratitude, Larry, for the website you fashioned, In the last sentence of the last letter I had from her dated June 30, 2006, Lenore invited me to please visit her website "recently freshened up by my son." (You'll have guessed from this that I'd expressed a strong interest in looking at more of her art.)

Sincerely, Laurie Allen
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Lorraine Conway and family
From: Schomberg, Ontario
Larry, Susan, John and family,

We send our condolences and are sad for your loss. Lenore will be remembered for her lovely artwork.

All the best to you,

Lorraine and family.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Gordon Reifenstein
From: Toronto, Ontario

You and I met under very different circumstances yet, you had grace and kindness toward myself and what lay ahead for us. You are strong.
You showed me a profound side of you which no one else will know or see. You cared. I will remember that and all the love and passion you have for life.

Your children will miss you - I am glad to have met you!

Your Friend Gord.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Bonnie Hoy
From: Campbellville, Ontario
In 1993 my father died in a tragic car accident. I loved him so much that a part of me had died with him. The grief was almost unbearable until I met your mother.

In 1997 I was the leasing specialist for a company known as Goldlist. Your mother lived in the apt. building at 47 Thorncliffe Park Drive. One day your mother had come into my office to discuss something that she needed repaired in her apt. but she was so engaging that she couldn't help but make me smile. We would fondly acknowledge each other as we passed each other from that time onward. One day I took the liberty of asking how she supported herself, and she enthusiastically told me she was an artist. She subsequently took me up to her charming apt./studio and showed me works that adorned almost every single wall. I left home enlightened and impressed at her work. A few days later I saw your mother again and asked her if she would consider doing a portrait of my son and my father. Of course, when I told her my father had passed away she was somewhat apprehensive. She was concerned that she wouldn't be able to capture his aura, his personality or his character in the piece. I asked her to try anyway and assured her that I would pay regardless. So, I called her almost daily in anxious anticipation of seeing the pastel and she continually told me she was working on it but it wasn't ready. Finally, a few weeks later she called me and asked me to come upstairs. She had a canvas cloth over the piece which sat squarely on an easel. When she pulled the canvas off, I was so overwhelmed that I immediately began to sob, my body shaking uncontrollably. I just couldn't get control of myself. The last time I cried like that was just after I buried my father. Eventually Lenore came to understand through my tears that I was emotionally moved by her flawless masterpiece. It was like she literally brought my father back to life. I remember hugging her and being so truly indebted. I later commissioned Lenore to do two other portraits, so that when I leave this earth each of my three children will have a keepsake that they will always cherish. I will always be so thankful to Lenore for capturing the essence of my father and my children. Her pictures will always be my most precious possession. ( I will be in California on the day of the service or I would be attending) I must tell you that I never read the paper and certainly never the announcements. As a believer, I believe the good Lord drew me to the paper today. I read it in the most obscure of places under the most unusual of circumstances. (Feel free to share my comments or keep them to yourself) Your mother was a remarkable woman. I felt truly blessed to have known her.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Suzanne Miller
From: Toronto, Ontario
To my dear friend Susan and family members.

Dear Lenore,

To be in your company for even a few minutes, was to know true passion. You shared your life with so many others in ways that could never be counted. Small things that sometimes seemed insignificant, were celebrated and cherished with your whole heart. You expressed finite pieces of singular, exquisite beauty that you saw within this great orb of an earth through glorious, unfettered friendships with colour in your artwork, through eternal love, devotion and loyalty for your children and grandchildren, and through verbal conversations from your soul that will touch infinity. Unwittingly, you embraced the hereafter during your lifetime on earth, and showed us all a small corner of heaven. May angels walk beside you and with your family and help to maintain the channels of strength from your love? With all my love.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Ian McLaughlin
From: Echo Lake, Sask.

Iím just the plumber and although I can't hope to aspire to the eloquence of the preceding missives, I know what I like and I liked you Lenore, and the world has diminished with your passing.

My heart goes out to your family and especially to Larry M.

We knew each other for 20 some years and I watched with admiration the steady and sometimes scary transition of a woman changing from a successful business person to a successful artist.

I have had the privilege of hanging some of your art in my home. I might be just a plumber but I know what I like and I like your work Lenore.
If it is true that it takes an artist's passing to make them appreciated than you should be very famous very soon.

Now you are actually part of the bigger picture and your influence will be felt and cherished forever.

Thanks for enriching my life.

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Debra Holt
From: Washington, DC
It is difficult to comprehend that there will be no more long, wonderful conversations about life, art, literature, politics, and ... everything under the sun. But I know my life is ever so much richer for having Lenore as a friend. Thanks, Lenore.

And, yes, she has left us an incredible legacy. How to live life, indeed.
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