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Name: Christine Zobniw
From: Toronto, Ontario
To Lenore's family and friends,

Leonore--she had always liked my continued misspelling-- and I met over a smoke and soon a heated discussion during a break from our Art History class at University of Toronto. So our friendship began and meandered for a time through countless dinners, coffees, and bottles of red wine, always punctuated with "story" and stories, through words, shapes, and colour. When I think of Leonore, I somehow connect to an aura of burnished burgundy, perhaps because that shade appeared so often in her "crone" series or perhaps because, for me, it best describes the richness and depth of her voice in response to something you had just said. We spent a lot of time together during that year of class, spending nights typing up and cramming over two thousand years of art and architecture into our caffeine-weary brains, editing each other's papers, and prodding each other on. Around that time, Leonore asked if I would sit for her. For me, that period of my life had been a "baptism by fire," a time of immense personal losses but also great albeit painful growth, both of which are reflected in my portrait. Leonore, a courageous, insightful, wise, witty, diplomatic, generous, and creative artist of life and canvas. Finally, I'd like to post a poem I shared with Leonore and one that she treasured:


Written on a white plaster wall in the workroom of Oak Society in Telina-na

What do they do, the singers, talewriters, dancers, painters, shapers, makers? They go with empty hands into the gap between. They come back with things in their hands. They go silent and come back with words, with tunes. They go into confusion and come back with patterns. They go limping and weeping, ugly and frightened and come back with wings of red wing hawk, the eyes of mountain lion. That is where they live, Where they get their breath: There, in the gap between, The empty place.

Peace, Leonore,

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Name: Jennifer Drummond
From: Toronto
Lenore you will be missed. I shall miss the laughter we shared while drinking red wine. I shall miss the way we could work a kitchen together, I shall miss the meals we shared, both formal and casual (including left overs), I shall miss our knowing glances from across a room in a party, I shall miss a great woman!

So every time I see the portrait you did for me, capturing three generations - me, my mom and grandmother, you too shall be remembered. It is a treasured gift and now family heirloom that will keep the memory of you alive in my heart.

To my dear friend Susan and my lovely, not so little anymore Lauren as well as to the families of Larry and John, I send you my love and condolences.
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Name: Mary DePoe
I am one of the Fran's bar crowd that met with Serge & Charlotte, my partner Wayne Glover, the boys from Ely's (Johnny & Werner) Frank, Emile and whomever else was in the neighbourhood on Friday nights (and often other nights as well). Your Mother would join us sometime and we always enjoyed her company. Especially when she would do a "reading" We also spent a lovely New Year's Eve at Serge & Charlotte's one year.

We were all so sorry to hear of her illness. It seemed to make it very close to home when one of "our" group passed away.

Deepest Sympathy to you all from
"The Fran's Gang".
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Name: Stan and Evelyn Steiner
From: Belle Ewart, Ont
To the McGovern family,

Our heartfelt condolences. Lenore was a class act. We will treasure her paintings, vibrant sunflowers and a tulip triptych, that we enjoy everyday.

Stan and Evelyn Steiner
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Name: Bob and Sandi Laine
From: Innisfil, Ontario
Dear Susan,

We just learned of your mother's passing a few moments ago and were saddened by the news. She certainly fought a strong battle. She was an inspirational woman and we cherish her paintings that hang with pride in our home. I think the lillies she painted and finished in late August was the last she did. As you know, she battled to finish it for us and our visits with you and her will stay with us. I wish you and your brothers' strength in this time of sorrow. She will be missed.

Bob and Sandi Laine
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Name: June Martin
From: St. George, On.
Larry, Susan, John,

I am very sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. Your Mother was a very talented woman, which showed through her paintings.

Cherish the memories.

Love Aunt June
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Lisa Gregory
From: Parry Sound, Ont.

Dear Susan, Larry and family,

Please accept my condolences with the loss of Lenore on this Earth.

There was a time that we had many conversations, I will always remember Lenore's warmth, humaness, wise and creative thoughts and laughter.

When I think of her, I actually think "Great Dame.", is suiting.

Keep well! You are in my thoughts.

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Name: Patti McLaughlin
From: Echo Lake, Sask
Dear Susan, Larry and John,

I have put off sending a message because after reading the ones on Lenore's site they are written with such eloquence and grace that I thought I shouldn't leave a message.

But today your Mom is being put to rest and I would like to say in my own words and thoughts a couple of things about Lenore.

Lenore and Larry M (my brother) came out West to celebrate our 25th anniversary held in the small town of Wolseley, Sask. at our friendís home on acreage a few miles from Wolseley.

It was such an honour that Lenore came with Larry to help us celebrate. It was very low key -a barbeque at their home but we all had such a great time.

Lenore was very impressed with the Saskatchewan country side and the sunsets. That was 16 years ago this June.

I was so proud to share the same birthday as your Mom. While in Regina that year we all went to Earl's Restaurant to celebrate "our" birthdays. We had a great time and I have never forgotten that birthday because Lenore was actually with me.

I was fortunate to have visited Lenore in her home and saw her in her studio. It is so much easier to visualize someone in their home or in their studio once you have been there. When Lenore and I talked on "our" birthday this year I could see her sitting in her living room with the painting of the wild flowers in the background. I so did love that painting.

My Mom and Lenore got along so well together. Mom was full of admiration for your Mom and when I told her that Lenore was sick this summer she said she would pray for her. Mom prays for everyone so I had to tell Mom she was sick. We both had a good cry when I told her your Mom passed away last week.

Lenore took Mom shopping one time years ago when Mom was in Toronto. She picked out a beautiful flowered skirt and jacket for Mom and Mom is still wearing it to this day. It is her favourite outfit and every time Mom wears it I always think of Lenore helping Mom pick it out.
Mom wants me to convey her condolences to you all and that she is still praying for Lenore.
Lenore did a portrait of our brother Kevin who died many years ago and all we sisters and brothers have copies of it. It is such a beautiful portrait.

Our daughter Leanne has a beautiful boy named Aedan Rayne who is 3 yrs old. She was going to send pictures of him to Lenore because she said she would do his portrait. It will never come to be but our daughter loved your Mom's portraits and has one of Lenore's still life paintings so she has that to remind her of Lenore.

Though I am not in Lefroy today my heart and prayers are with you and your family.

Patti McLaughlin
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Ralph Levitt
From: Toronto, Ontario
Dear Larry, Susan and John,

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your mother. As you know, we knew each other from childhood days in Leaside. We socialised often when she began dating your dad, and during their married years. I have many fond memories of happy occasions shared together. I know that you were very devoted to her, and hope that you derive some degree of comfort from the knowledge that she will be missed by many.

With sincerest condolences,

Ralph Levitt
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Judy Kmezic Conley
From: Barrie, Ontario
My deepest heartfelt sympathies to you Larry, Susan and John on your loss.

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