I like to think of my portraits as remembered moments, each one connecting us to our history and moving us into the future.  As Al Purdy, the poet, describes it,  "I come here as part of the process in the pale morning light . . .".

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The Moving Moment

Acrylic On Canvas  40 x 30

I share the poet's reverence for the past, his sense of continuance.  In touching the essence of my subjects I know that, in some very important way, I continue them . . .

Portrait: The McInerney Girls

Portrait: Apple Blossom Time

Portrait: The Terry Family

The McInerney Girls

Acrylic on Canvas 43 x 32

Apple Blossom Time

Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 36

The Terry Family

Watercolour 18 x 22

It was the death of my mother during the final year of my art studies at the University of Toronto that brought the narrative elements into my portraits.   I regret that I did not paint my mother while she was still alive.  Instead, I paint my sister.  This is the beginning of my visual biographies.

Portrait: Remembrance


Acrylic on Canvas and Wood 30 x 36

Beyond capturing physical likeness and character, my paintings now incorporate story and frequently include a written version which I present to my subjects on completion.

Portrait: Infinite Remembrance

Portrait: This Gift

Portrait: Sydney and Owen

Infinite Remembrance

Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 24

This Gift

Acrylic & Collage on Canvas 36 x 36

Gloria Steinem by permission

Sydney and Owen

Acrylic on Canvas 36 x 24

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The Written Story



Portrait: Reunion

Photo: Marilyn, Lenore and Diana





Portrait: Diana



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Portrait: The Moving Moment